Type of Arthritis

Arthritis a common condition that is experienced by many individuals, particularly the adults. This would be characterized by swelling or inflammation of joints that are usually painful. The said condition are usually caused by various reasons. It might start as a recurring and dull ache. But when not given proper attention, it would eventually morph into something more painful and lasting.

One known impact of suffering from this disease is the inability to perform tasks that a person is used to do before. It would depend on the affected joint. If it is the knees, it could easily deprive someone of the ability to climb several flights of stairs. Oftentimes, it is the simple tasks that most people would have difficulty in doing.

Unknown to many, Arthritis is just a blanket term for different types of joint conditions. Because the symptoms are the same, it would be easy to confuse every other form and type of arthritis to be classified generally under the category of the said condition.

Knowing the specifics can provide better understanding about the options present. It would also be easier to know what to expect. Information is always a need if one would like to know what to do with the current situation which in this case would be to bring relief to recurring and utterly uncomfortable pains.


The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis. This is what many individuals are feeling and suffering from. The main reason why this occurs is because of joint over usage. Over used joints and bones could have happened in various ways. It might be because of certain conditions such as obesity or it could also be the lifestyle of the person which caused this. When there is too much pressure, it forces the cartilage (cushion and protective layer between the connection of bones) to wear away. Eventually, it would not longer be effective and the continued crashing of the bone surfaces would cause the pain. Accidents and injuries direct to the joints can also be a known reason for cartilage inefficiency.

This usually happens to areas where most individuals apply pressure such as knees, hips and even the spine.

 Rheumatoid Arthritis

 The first form is caused by external forces. But this is the type of arthritis that happens when the body malfunctions. Immune system is made to always resist threats and block unknown types of substances from affecting the system.

However, there are times when it malfunctions and attacks body cells instead of the threats, e.g. viruses and bacteria. And in this case, the system component being attacked would be your joints.

The peculiar thing and another point which sets it apart from the others is that the joints being attacked are several. Osteoarthritis only puts pressure and occurs one joint at a time.

 Psoriatic Arthritis

 Out of the three, this is the least common type of arthritis. This can be a byproduct of psoriasis. For a person suffering from it, there is a chance that it could affect the joints within the surrounding area, hence the name psoriatic arthritis. But this condition does not generally happen all the time.

When the skin around the area of the joints are red and patchy as well as scaly, these could be the first indications you are suffering from the said condition. It would even be clearer if there is accompanying pains and inflammation.