Arthritis Causes

What makes arthritis very notorious was the fact that it could happen at anytime and would continue being a discomfort until you do something to change that. The worse part is that most people ignore the first signs thinking that it is just something normal. For this reason, many are now suffering fro chronic pains in various parts of their body, not to mention the limited motion range of their bones and joints because of it.

Arthritis happens when the cartilage the protects the bones wears away. Since both hard masses of matter could rub with each other, it would cause pain hence the presence of cartilages. However, if you are not careful, the protection can wear away and would only leave the bare bone surfaces. This is what causes pain to happen.

At first, it would just be a slight level of discomfort. But if not given the proper medical attention it requires, it would easily become very painful. And as it grows more severe, it becomes even harder for you to function like one normally did. The actions and simple tasks that can be done before might be impossible for severe cases.

Obesity and Pressure

One of the more common cause why arthritis happens. Over the course of time, pressure can weigh down joints. Cartilages are forced to put up with the amount of pressure. When it comes to pressure, the lower body is the part that receives most of it. It would be no surprise if arthritis occurs there.

Lifestyle and Habits

Habits are hard to replace whether it be good or bad. And when it becomes habitual for a person to do certain things without knowing that it can be very detrimental to certain parts of the body, it becomes worse. Not exercising and paying attention to parts that needs care would surely backfire sooner or later.


There has been findings that arthritis can also be caused by genes. It runs in the blood. If someone from the family is already experiencing and suffering from it, you can easily be informed about what must be done to prevent it from happening or keeping the effects it has to the minimum.

Injuries and Accidents

 Situations such as this that affected the joints mainly might have the capacity to cause a long term condition such as arthritis. This can be due to the impact of the said incident. The cartilage can also wear away because of medication applied or surgeries performed to ensure healing.

Immune System Malfunctions

 This is true for the case of rheumatoid arthritis. This happens when the immune system acts up and attacks the body cells instead of the actual threat or virus. The as dangerous as the other auto immune diseases but it could surely provide discomfort. There was no clear research as to the cause of why the immune system attacks the body on its own.

 Talking To Experts About It

 Knowing the causes would be very helpful in determining the treatment that will be suited for it. It helps in providing warning on what one must do to avoid it and what should be done  to keep your body parts healthy. Contact our expert now to learn good suggestions regarding your next steps.